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Voz IP


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We have a full portfolio of IP phones in order to offer the ideal device for every need and every user. We even offer a free softphone app, Grandstream Wave. All of our IP phones are compatible with any third party SIP service or devices. Pair our IP phones with our UCM series of IP PBXs to get even more from your Grandstream IP phones.

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  • Basic IP phones
  • Mid-Range IP Phones
  • High-End IP Phones are designed for users who are often on the phone
  • IP Video Phones for Android offer a powerful voice, video and web portal
  • DECT Cordless IP phones allow anyone to mobilize their VoIP solution
  • Grandstream Wave softphone app allows you to access any SIP accounts on any mobile device

GXV3200 series of IP Video Phones for Android are revolutionizing VoIP telephony by combining a powerful video calling platform with the functionality of an Android tablet and a 6-line IP Phones. These devices run the Android operating system and offer full access to the Google Play Store to allow for calling and video conferencing with Skype, Google Hangouts and more. These devices also support device to device video calls through SIP


The Grandstream IP-PBX offers a powerful manage voice, video, data, and mobility communications platform. The UCM series of IP PBXs offer an extensive set of unified communication features in an easy-to-manage on premise solution with no licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per features. The UCMs range from small and medium business deployments to small, medium and big enterprise solutions.


Supports up to 2000 SIP endpoint registrations, up to 200 concurrent calls and up to 64 conference attendees
1GHz quad-core Cortex A9 processor
1GB DDR3 Ram, 32GB Flash
1 Integrated T1/E1/J1 interface


UCM6202 and UCM6204 support up to 500 users and 30/45 concurrent calls, UCM6208 supports up to 800 users and 100 concurrent calls
Auto Discovery and Zero Configuration of Grandstream SIP endpoints


Supports up to 500 SIP endpoint registrations, up to 60 concurrent calls and up to 32 conference attendees
1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor
512 MB DDR Ram, 4GB NAND Flash
Integrated 2/4/8/16 PSTN trunk FXO

HD Conferencing

GVC 3200
1080p Full-HD video, up to 9-way video conferences, support for 3 monitor outputs through 3 HDMI outputs
9-way hybrid-protocol conferencing with no external MCUs/servers or extra software licenses

AUDIO Conferencing

6 lines, 6 SIP accounts, 7-way voice conferencing
Runs Android 4.4 and offers full access to the Google Play Store and all Android apps, such as Skype, Google Hangouts and more
Bluetooth to support syncing of

Cloud Storage

Its a service for storage data from PCs or laptop to Servers. This service provides comprehensive security and compliance capabilities that meet even the most stringent regulatory requirements. It gives customers flexibility in the way they manage data for cost optimization, access control, and compliance.

Data Archive

This solution helps you reduce costs and simplify storage management by enabling you to archive data that is not accessed frequently in our secure data centers.

Service availability

Your data is backed up by our strict Service Level Agreements that guaranteed 99% service availability.

Pay per consume

Pay only for what you use, you save more and your spending becomes predictable so you can better plan your future IT expenditures.


Expand your cloud storage without making large investments


Ensure that your data is archived successfully, verify data integrity and provide reports and analytics.